A Collection of Time Based Utilities


An action can be invoked after some delay.

Delay (seconds):
Delay Status: Not Set


A throttle prevents the action from being called more than once per time interval.
'Create' the Throttle, then hit the 'Do Throttle' button a lot of times. Notice the number of 'Hits' increasing with each button press.
The action will be invoked no more than once per time interval.

Throttle interval (seconds):
Throttle Hits:
Throttle Action Called:


A timer can be set up to call a timeout function on every 'tick' of the timer.

Timer interval (seconds):
Timer Status: Not Set


Timer also has a useful utility function that can call an action after some timeout.
This a shortcut/replacement for window.setTimeout, and has a corresponding goog.Timer.clear as well, which stops the action.

Timeout (seconds):
Do Once Status: