I engineer software, usually physics and graphics related.


paulalexanderwelch (at) gmail (dot) com

Project Showcase


Mass GPU physics simulator. A unique algorithm allows mobile compatible simulation of 100,000~1,000,000 bodies, with stable stacking and constraints on GPU. The key to this algorithm is eliminating the need for bottom up resolution order for stable stacking.


A Unity like engine I created in 2012/13 and took to GDC. Supports targets for HTML5 and native code for mobile/desktop. The first 3D engine to support HTML5.

  • Fully featured 3D game engine in 35,000 lines of code.
  • Prototype based entity modeling using RTTI meta data for dynamic editing in tools.
  • Deep C# tools interop. with WebKit/Chromium.
  • COLLADA loader with full boned animation.
  • Full post-processing pipeline and colour correction.
  • 100km of lazy loaded, geo-mipmapped terrain.
  • Revolutionary graph based rendering design.
  • Native code compilation for mobile.
  • Full atmospheric scattering and aerial perspective.
  • Shadow-mapping.
  • Forward and Light-Prepass rendering options.
  • 60fps 3D in HTML5.
  • Materials system shader builder.
  • Fully JSON data driven world and scripting.
  • Completed in 2 months with two developers.

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